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Heavy, horrible &
morbidly funny

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Yetis Out

Sexual affairs, narcissism, racism, anger, betrayal, drugs and a dead rock star on a unicorn. What’s not to love in this Dublin-based comic book?

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Dodgy Pills

A story of sex drugs and social deprivation, based in Dublin, Ireland. Drug dealers Tommo and his father-in-law Jimmy have received a new batch of pills from a very different source to their usual guy, they go about testing them out and get literally blown away. Things don’t go too well and get very strange indeed.

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Bad Trip (French Edition)

C’est une histoire de cul, de droque et de précarité sociale à Dublin en Irlande. Tommo et son beau-père Jimmy sont des dealers qui viennent de recevoir un lot de pilules provenant d’une source inhabituelle. Ils décident de les essayer et vont totalement se laisser emporter. Rien ne se passe comme prévu et tout va devenir véritablement étrange.

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Front Page Bio

Olly Cunningham was born in Dublin, Ireland. He is the writer and illustrator of Black Lines, an adult comic book series. All the images are drawn with pen and ink, the art is dark and grungy, and the writing style is twisted and humorous, suited to its noir genre.

He currently lives in the country with his wife, three kids, two tortoises, cat and dog.Olly Cunningham

Olly’s books are available now. You can grab copies in either ebook and paperback.

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