Ten larger than life paintings depicting James Joyce’s erotic love letters. 

Irish Illustrator Olly Cunningham paints Joyce as you’ve never imagined.

"A letter from Jim” is a homage to the infamous love letters

from James Joyce to his lover Nora from the early 1900’s, these original letters are mostly discarded or still unknown by a lot of Joyce lovers worldwide, Cunningham has set out to write and paint his version of the letters in large canvases accompanied by a 24 page book.

The idea was to create thirteen sequential illustrations larger than life and in a medium suited for art galleries brave enough to show them, Using acrylics, the background colours are typical of early 1900’s with layered skin tones to create depth, within keeping the signature black lines illustrative style while adding humour to this highly erotic subject.

The main object of the project was to write a homage of the original letters and graphically paint the neediness or reliance of Jim for his beloved woman, to show a very human side a man very much in love, the paintings illustrate the passion he had for Nora more than any book or poem ever written by Jim.